Transfer Video to Digital (DVD or MP4)

VI dvd in tray - transfer video to digital

Video tape deteriorates in as little as 10 years, so before your memories begin to fade away transfer your videos to a digital format.  When you transfer video to digital (DVD) you ensure your memories are preserved and able to be enjoyed for years to come.  At Video Impact, we have complete capabilities to transfer video to digital, including transferring from:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Beta Max
  • 8mm
  • Hi 8
  • Digital 8
  • Mini DV
  • Mini DVD

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Video Impact does not convert copyrighted material that is commercially available on DVD.

Video To Digital File Conversion


In addition to a DVD, more and more people are also choosing to convert their video to a digital file, such as an mp4 file.  There are several good reasons to also convert your video to an mp4 file:

  • editable on your computer (mac and pc)
  • easy to upload to the internet (i.e.YouTube)
  • easily stored on flash drive or external hard driveas a safe keeping back up

While mp4 files are what we recommend, we also work with most major file types.

Foreign Conversion

Convert Your Video to a Format That Works!

Our foreign conversion service is what you need if you have a video or DVD from overseas that won’t play in your DVD player OR if you need to send a video or DVD overseas. Transfer options available include:

PAL format
(used in most of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East)

NTSC format
(used in the Americas and many Asian countries)

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